Seasonal Poultry

All of the Turkeys and the Geese are reared Free Range roaming under the shadow of the Heartwood, they are free to wander all day light hours, but obviously we put them to bed at night to avoid a visit from Mr Fox!!


The birds are slowly reared on a pure vegetative ration this enhances the taste and the texture, as the bird grows at a slower rate than the mass reared bird. The food miles with these birds are measured in a matter of meters as we process onsite. The birds are slaughtered and traditionally hung slightly longer than the chickens again this helps the taste and texture, they are then all traditionally trussed and ready for the oven!

Bronze and White Turkeys


  • Free Range
  • Reared on a pure cereal based ration
  • 8lb - 30lb weight available to order
  • Order from 22nd December
  • Processed on site in our small modern facility
  • Traditionally hung
  • All traditionally trussed and oven ready, twin needle style.



  • Free Range
  • Reared on a pure cereal based ration
  • 8lb- 16lb

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